Menu Planning

Wow this week was full of ups and downs…

Monday we had pizza because I didn’t have to go to the store. I was out of sundried tomatoes, so I braved it and put fresh tomatoes on it. Isaac hates how they make the pizza soggy… So I thinly sliced them and then laid them on a paper towel… While I was taking chances I also braved putting yellow squash on it. It was a success, when Isaac saw it he immediately turned up his nose but after tasting he said it was actually really good and I was allowed to do it again ;) I precook my crust because I like to do a thin crust, and lets face it with a thin crust if you put your toppings on and then try to get in on the stone it just doesn’t work, so I don’t have to cook my pizza any longer than 8 min.

I tried a ranch dressing from scratch (the packets have MSG and obviously so do the bottles). It was pretty good, not quite up to Hidden Valley taste, but it was good.


Tuesday we had BBQ lentils… It was our veggetarian day… EPIC FAILURE! It was tasting great until I added the vinegar. As I started to add it the thought crossed my mind, that it was A LOT of such a strong vinegar, but I was in a hurry and just added it. Immediately I was concerned, and Isaac said it smelled pungent. Great. Lets just say we both agreed it was the worst food I have ever made! Funny thing about the vinegar, the recipe says add more if needed, HA! I barely ate some and Isaac had even less and we tossed the rest. We scrounged around the house for food to eat that night.


Wednesday we recovered with a light and yummy dish of Grilled chicken with lemon basil pasta. The sauce for the pasta calls for parmesan, cream, and half and half. Obviously we weren’t doing that. I simply used coconut milk and no cheese. I was more interested in the lemon and basil. I added some of Spice Hunter’s Roasted Garlic and some Herbamare and we loved it. (Those are my two favorite spices and use them frequently to season things) I then seasoned my chicken thighs with olive oil and those same spices. It was delicious. My mom made the same recipe but with the cheese and dairy, I think I liked it better without.


Thursday was a hit and failure at the same time. Spicy Garlic Cashew Chicken. AMAZING sauce. If you are grilling it which I did and my mom did, don’t season it before (it is hot so grilling is the best option). Mine was fried to a crisp when I went to go flip it and my mom did the same thing with her thicker pieces. We made it the same night and when we compared in the morning we both laughed that we did the same thing. However, we all loved it so much that we made it again for Sunday dinner. This time we grilled the one side and then flipped and basted the sauce on. I recommend using the boneless, skinless thighs, that way no picking off the bone is required, and the meat is so tender. I had never used thighs until my mom said it really made a difference and it really does.

I complemented my meal with quinoa and grilled squash. Quinoa is actually a complete protein unlike rice and other grains that have to be complemented with beans. I only recently learned this even though I’ve been using quinoa for a while now, simply because I like the flavor better than rice. The squash I was surprised to find out that Isaac actually liked, again with the squishy stuff.


Friday we had a very nice date night to Macaroni Grill and then to a movie that was sold out so we shopped and came home and watched season 2 of Sherlock Holmes on Does anyone know anything about hooking your computer up to your TV without running a cord from you computer to your TV? I have heard it is possible, but I’m not sure how. Perhaps a server?

Saturday we broke our rule and ate out again. We had spent the day fixing a mistake I made on my can storage project, (grrr, stupid mistake) playing in Bristol’s new pool that is larger than we thought, returning the foos ball table to my parents, and going to the Farmers Market. So it was dinner time when we finished, and we didn’t have any food in the house (no bread, no chicken, only a few eggs, that pretty much equals no food). We stopped at Tia Rosa’s Taco place, seriously we think we might like it better than actually going to Tia Rosa’s.

PS. that Farmer’s Market on Main and Greenfield is awesome! We love going but hadn’t been in a long time. When we go, we bet on how much is costs, “The Price is Right” rules. Saturday we got 7 lbs of strawberries (I’m making jam), a large seedless watermelon that was fabulous, 4 kiwi’s, 1 pear, 1 pineapple, 12 ears of corn, a bell pepper, and 1 bunch cilantro. Total was $11.80 I won for the first time with $11 Isaac bet $12.50. When we were checking out and I saw how much the watermelon ended up being I said “dangit I didn’t think the watermelon was that much” (it was $4.07) and the lady paused and looked at me funny, and I had to explain our bet. It was a very nice relaxing Saturday!




The other day I heard Bristol kinda giggling so I turned around to see her with a binky in her mouth. She kept doing it for a while, but that fascination died away and I have not seen her do it since. For a second I thought maybe she was going to start a binky instead of her thumb, but no such luck!

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