Dream FINALLY Completed!

Shortly after we got our home somewhat together (floors, trim, and furniture) I had a dream of a picture of the Arizona Temple above our piano. My awesome sister-in-law took some beautiful pictures of the Arizona Temple and I had one in particular in mind. (click here to see her blog, she has more than just mine. Just ask her about them and you can order one!) I have been talking about it for a VERY long time. Isaac even starting asking when I was going to do it. Finally I sat down with Rachel and printed it out. Then it took another couple of months to go look for a frame. After finding that when you get a large print of a picture you basically have to get a custom frame and those cost an arm and leg, I decided to make one. Another couple of months past and I DID IT! It turned out beautifully! I must say even the way I painted it is awesome! A rough coat of white and then stain on top. It was just what the picture needed.



Yes I know I can’t seem to take a straight picture! I am not a natural. One day I might learn how to take good pictures.



Here is the awesome part! Printing the picture $70 Frame $40!! Boom-Bam-BAby! (Rachel gave me the picture for Christmas, so that cost isn’t included, but she doesn’t charge a ton) If you got a picture at Deseret Book that size and in that nice of a frame you would be looking at $200-$400. Now that is awesome! But the exciting part is the frame! Why you ask?

East Coast Trim and Door and the owner Kristen! I want to be a carpenter like her one day! Her store inspires me to make things beautiful! Go check it out! She offers free advice on DIY and that is where the magic is. Then her prices are unbeatable! True she typically stocks and uses MDF board, but unless you are leaving it wood you don’t need true wood. But even then she is way cheaper than Home Depot or Lowes. Hence the reason my Frame cost $40, it is magnificent and I have quite a bit left over that I could make another smaller frame with!

Another great find, Coconut whipped cream! Pictured below on German Pancakes (Saturday morning session of Conference). Ps did anyone else love having a children’s choir? I thought it was so sweet.


My sister-in-law Alisa is so sweet. She is always thinking of others. She came across this recipe and thought to send it to me. Amazing! It doesn’t work with coconut milk in the carton that must be refrigerated, only with canned. It has the same texture and fluffiness as regular whipped cream, but has a slight coconut flavor. So in my opinion it makes anything you would put whipped cream, or cream in better.

Since we started to go dairy free for Isaac it has been a learning process. I have come to learn that the only thing you cant have is cheese. Unless you do goat cheese, but that in expensive and we have not yet tried it. Whenever cooking just use coconut milk or coconut crème. It substitutes wonderfully and you wouldn’t even know. Thank heavens for coconuts!

Even if you don’t live dairy free try it out. The first time I did it the crème solidified, it was a little weird but it still worked. It shouldn’t do that, so if it does warm it up before whipping it. Also I didn’t add powdered sugar so my brother thought it was nasty.

Have a great week!

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